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Our Medical billing Services & Solutions

Medical Billing

Our medical billing involves the process of generating healthcare claims to submit to insurance companies for the purpose of obtaining payment for medical services.

Medical Coding

Medical coding involves the transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric CPT Codes.

Medical Credentialing

Our team of experts provide credentialing and will assess the academic qualifications and clinical practice history of a healthcare provider.

Medical Transcriptions

Our Medical transcriptionists work with healthcare providers to make sure that each visit is documented with a record of the diagnosis and treatment plan as well as any follow-up care.

Payment Posting

The payment posting process in a medical billing company involves receiving remittances, accurately entering payment details, verifying amounts, allocating payments to patient accounts, managing denials, calculating patient balances.

A/R Follow up

Our team will be responsible for looking after denied/rejected claims and receive maximum reimbursement from the insurance companies.

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